United Alliance

With proper planning today,
you can help achieve tomorrow's dream

Our Mission

To help our clients achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind.

Commited to serve clients sincerely and maintain the highest standards of integrity.




Our Vision

To form the United Alliance Insurance Agency as an admired financial services leader, trusted partner, and provider of innovative solutions for growing and protecting wealth.



At United Alliance, we specialize in helping business owners, professionals, high-net worth individuals and their families achieve their life goals. Through a comprehensive discovery process, we will help you identify and focus on your unique goals and objectives and select products and programs that are best suited to your individual situation. So talk to one of our advisors today to keep your goal intact.



Using various types of insurance contracts to protect the people who depend on you - your family and business associates - should you die prematurely, become disabled, or suffer a long term illness.

Estate Planning


Preserving what you have worked so hard to build over the years with programs that help you plan for the eventual distribution of your assets in a tax-efficient manner. We work with established independent estate planning lawyers to help you achieve your goal.

Business Planning


Designing programs that help you pass your business, intact, to the next generation or to your associates should you retire, become disabled or die prematurely; as well as incentive and benefit plans for your employees.