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Business Planning

Importance of Having Insurance

Importance of Having Business Planning Good business planning is more than just ensuring the stability of your business should you die or become disabled. It also includes the business to reward yourself and your key people while you are living.

You know the importance of delivering a good product or service and standing behind it. You also know the importance of keeping the books balanced, hiring qualified employees, beating the competition and meeting ever-increasing customer service expectations. But until you address the issues of retirement planning, business continuation and rewarding and retaining key employees, everything else could be in jeopardy.

Did you know?

  • Life insurance is not a top priority for these businesses. Group life is the least common employee benefits, only one third have business life insurance for such things as key person coverage, and life insurance is next-to-last executive benefit the firms would bring in.
  • Family-owned business are less prepared for future transition than non family businesses.

source: small business owners 2009

By combining selective benefit plans, you can:

  • Set extra money aside for yourself.
  • Help your employees prepare their own retirement.
  • Reward and retain key employees.